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Connect-R robot prototype


Welcome to the online home of the Connect-R project, a revolutionary new robotic solution to the challenges of maintenance and decommissioning in the nuclear, oil and gas industries.




Decommissioning and maintenance in the nuclear, oil and gas industries involves a range of challenges that have no easy solutions.


Processes are inevitably difficult, costly and often carried out in places that are difficult to navigate and operate within. These industries are typified by remote bases, dangerous chemicals and toxic and/or contaminated objects or materials: radiation in nuclear decommissioning zones is just one of the highly dangerous elements that must be managed by teams of human workers during these activities.



Connect-R is an advanced solution to the serious problems involved with working with these dangerous matters and in these difficult to traverse locations. This highly specialised robotic creation combines AI, advanced engineering techniques and the most cutting edge research findings available at this time.



Connect-R is a ground-breaking collaboration of renowned academics and leading engineering and robotic companies working together to transform the way these hazardous duties are carried out.

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