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Making the connections 1: Meet Barrnon ltd

In the first of our team profiles, we met up with Andrew Barr (Managing Director) and Andy Strain (Project Manager) from Barrnon ltd, the lead partner of the Connect R project.

Barrnon, based in Appleby, Cumbria, has an interesting history. The company built its reputation as a manufacturer of solutions for the fishing industry and then transferred the skills and expertise developed in that field into nuclear decommissioning, with great success. Similar applications to those that harvested scallops could effectively dredge up and remove radioactive sludge. Since those early steps into the sector Barrnon has developed a complete suite of innovative nuclear decommissioning equipment incorporating some of the most advanced technological developments available, including robotics and virtual reality machine control with AI learning.

What’s your role in the Connect-R project?

AB: Our primary role is as project lead, so we’re the ones overseeing the whole operation and keeping tabs on how we’re doing in terms of our agreed goals.

AS: We contribute our expertise and knowledge along with the other partners but our most important responsibility is keeping a clear overview of how the work is going and maintaining focus on the successful outcome of the project.

What prior experience are you finding most relevant to the project?

AB: Barrnon brings extensive proven expertise in concept design and development of solutions for nuclear decommissioning processes to the table. We also have plenty of experience in the challenges of working in and navigating hazardous environments and this is obviously a very important element of the Connect-R project.

AS: Our work to date has also allowed us to establish commercial contacts across the globe which are valuable to any new and innovative product. We have connections in the military, nuclear, oil & gas and even space sectors. We see applications for Connect-R in each of these areas and are keeping our contacts informed about developments as we know they are already interested in the finished product.

Tell us a bit about what Barrnon is currently involved with outside Connect-R?

AB: We’re pursuing our company aim of sitting at the head of a global market, offering a range of diverse solutions that will help our customers to solve tough environmental problems. We’re in a good position in terms of working towards this objective.

AS: We are currently working alongside engineering giants such as Atkins to tackle serious environmental threats at nuclear sites worldwide – these have included Sellafield in the UK, Fukishima in Japan and Hanford in the USA to name just three of the most famous.

You can find out more about Barrnon by visiting: or on Twitter @Barrnon.

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