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Making the Connections 3: Meet Ross Robotics

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

In the latest edition of our team profiles, we feature the team behind Ross Robotics. We spoke with Dave Ingram (head of technology), Philip Norman (Founder and Director of Research and Development) and Dominic Cusk (Founder and Managing Director) about how their knowledge and skills are supporting activities for the Connect-R project.

Ross Robotics, based in Ruscombe, Reading, was founded in 2015. Since then the business has carved a niche for itself selling adaptable, flexible, robust and cost effective modular robotic delivery platforms.

What’s your role in the Connect-R project?

Ross Robotics’ main responsibility lies with the creation of the Multi-Task Bot (MTB) the self-contained robot which works in conjunction with the main element of Connect-R, the SuperStrut.

Platform design and management of the mechanical engineering element of the challenge rests with Philip, Dave looks after the software and electronic components and Dominic is responsible for all commercial decisions made in association with the project (and indeed Ross Robotics itself).

What prior experience are you finding most relevant to the project?

We’ve designed and created unique modular robots for industrial inspection and maintenance for various projects and this is something we’re very experienced in.

Can you let us know what Ross Robotics is up to beyond the Connect-R project at the moment?

Our long-term aim is to grow the business globally. We are currently exploring new sectors including the nuclear industry. We’re working on a range of practical applications for robotics, including in poultry management.

You can learn more about Ross Robotics by visiting: Linked In at or on Twitter @LimitedRoss.

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