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Making the Connections 4: Meet Jigsaw Structures Ltd

We caught up with Tim Evans (TE) and Chris Vaissiere (CV), Directors of Jigsaw Structures, to ask about their involvement with Connect-R.

Headquartered in Bristol, the team behind Jigsaw Structures has over 25 years of successful aerospace consultancy experience. The business is fast being recognised for innovation in lightweight structures with a strong commitment to sustainable and renewable engineering, utilising a uniquely appropriate synthesis of conventional and advanced materials.

What’s your role in the Connect-R project?

TE: Our primary role is as conceptual structural analysis, which is what Chris and I would consider our biggest area of expertise. We’re here to undertake concept architecture definition all the way through to product integrity validation.

CV: As with all the partners we share additional responsibilities and contribute to the project on a wider scale. One of our main focuses is the ideation and potential IP landscape for the Connect-R mechanical structure.

TE: We definitely see our involvement long term, collaborating with the consortium post-project to exploit foreground innovations across different market sectors. There’s a lot of potential in what we’re doing and many possible applications such as opportunities in the growing space sector.

What prior experience are you finding most relevant to the project?

TE: We have experience in nuclear safety case development and plant decommissioning which means we can effectively collaborate within the Connect-R consortium.

CV: Our background in sectors such as aerospace, wind and R&D is highly relevant to address the challenges of the Connect-R project, where innovative structural solutions are required to ensure performance and reliability in very hazardous environments. It’s a great opportunity for the team to build on previous achievements in structural innovations.

Tell us a bit about what Jigsaw’s up to outside Connect-R?

TE: Well we are currently involved in various projects ranging from laminar flow enabling technology, next generation wind turbine blade structure, and general bespoke mechanical structures. We have a big focus on research and development activities in high-performance, low-cost structures for sectors like aerospace and wind-energy.

CV: Another illustration of our capability is our involvement with Sarah Nicolls, a UK-based pianist and performing artist. We are working with her to disrupt the piano industry by bringing to market a revolutionary low cost vertical grand-piano, which is both lightweight and space-saving.

TE: The piano we’re helping to create radically rethinks the shape of the instrument by creating a vertical grand piano, employing advanced materials and a world-first piano frame assembly innovation, which will be more portable than any existing acoustic piano on the market. It’s a highly unique challenge and a really neat marriage of the arts and technology too.

If you’d like to find out more about Jigsaw you’ll find them at:, on Twitter @jigsawstructure and LinkedIn at

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